Resources for Research

If you want to research any road named after a person, here are some resources:

A Powerpoint presentation containing a comprehensive list of resources for research can be downloaded here:  City Idols Orientation Session 2018

Online Resources:

1. Google Advanced Book Search was suggested by Prof. Sharmadip Basu in the Orientation Session conducted as part of the Kumaran City Idols Challenge, as an important resource for conducting serious research online. If one enters in the right keywords, it is highly probable that the search results will contain the required information. And, in this case it is about the person after whom the road selected by you, is named after.

2. A Bangalore enthusiast seems to have made efforts to chronicle the history of popular roads/ parks/ circles. Worth a quick read to get some information. Obviously in most cases more research is required for submissions.

English Reference Books:

  1. The City Beautiful, by T. P. Issar
  2. Monkey Tops: Old Buildings in Bangalore Cantonment, by Elizabeth Staley
  3. Notes and Monographs, by Kora Chandy
  4. Bangalore Roots and Beyond, by Maya Jayapal
  5. The Story of a City, by Maya Jayapal
  6. Bangalore: A Century Of Tales From City & Cantonment, by Peter Colaco
  7. Bangalore Through the Centuries, by Fazlul Hasan
  8. Bengaluru, Bangalore, Bengaluru: Imaginations and Their Times, by Narendar Pani

Kannada Reference Books:

  1. Bengaluru Nagara Nirmapakaru, by Suresh Moona
  2. Jnapaka Chitrashale, by D.V. Gundappa
  3. Bengalurina Itihasa, by B.N. Sundara Rao
  4. Bengaluru Darshana, published by Udaya Bhanu Kala Sangha, Basavanagudi

Libraries and Institutions:

  1. Mythic Society, Nrupatunga Road
  2. Indian Institute of World Culture, Basavanagudi
  3. Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs, Bull Temple Road, Basavanagudi
  4. The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), Banashankari 3rd Stage
  5. Indian Council of Historical Research, Palace Road

Other Resources: 

  1. BBMP (Using RTI)
  2. Oral History Research (Interviewing relevant individuals)