Plaque Design for Bengaluru

In India, and particularly in Bengaluru, we have a number of roads and parks named after people – often local heroes. Unfortunately, we have forgotten who many of these people were, and their contributions to society. At City Idols, we have tried to revive and celebrate the stories of such people. But putting up these stories on our website is not enough.

As we have seen overseas, it is a practice to install plaques at the ends of roads in order to commemorate their legacies better. However, this is not yet adopted in Bengaluru, or for that matter, probably anywhere else in India.

Here are some samples from other countries:


Pictures of plaques sharing information about person after whom road is named

City Idols, for this reason, is working with senior government officials in the city to see if it would be possible to have such plaques erected.

As we make progress on this, we also wanted to reach out to all design enthusiasts to help us come up with recommendations about how the plaques should look for Bengaluru. Especially because it is important to have these plaques in Kannada and English. (The light blue one above is in French and English!)

So here is the opportunity:

Design the plaque. Suggest the size. Fit in 80 words of English content. If you can, add the Kannada translation. If not, leave a blank for Kannada. 

If you want to use a real case, you can use one of the City Idols from our website to get the sample text.  Do you think you can also make suggestions of what material to use for the plaque, the size of the font, and any other specifications only a good designer can think of?

Mail your images and all details to We will share all entries for the consideration of the officials at the Bengaluru City Corporation.

Who knows… your design might inspire other cities as well!