What is City Idols?

City Idols is an initiative to revive the legacies of people after whom places such as roads, parks, circles etc. are named.

What is the objective of City Idols?

The objective of City Idols is to revive the legacies of the individuals after whom streets, parks, circles have been named in our cities, towns and villages.

The idea really is to encourage and motivate youth to look for role models from their local areas, and believe that they too can contribute to making their communities better.

Who started City Idols?

City Idols was started by Raghav C. Madhukar, a class X student of Sri Kumaran Children’s Home. The school Principal Ms. Deepa Sridhar and ICT teacher Ms Jayanthi Sridhar have played a very important role in guiding the project so far. A number of individuals have come forward to help at various points of time.

What is the procedure to name a road?

In Bangalore city, the City Municipal Council records the contributions of the individual, and then passes a resolution to name a street/ circle or park after that person. So there is clearly a procedure to name streets after people.

Who decides who is a City Idol?

The names of roads, parks, circles are decided by the local government of a city or town. City Idols does not make a judgement about whether someone should be considered an ‘idol’. This initiative takes the names of streets that have been given by the city or town, and tries to understand the contributions of such people to society.

Which cities is City Idols active in?

City Idols is currently active in Bangalore city. The idea is that this concept can should spread to every place in India — cities, towns and villages. City Idols would like to partner with other individuals and organisations to take the idea to more places in India. If you are interested in leading the effort in your city, please email us at cityidols@gmail.com

Which organisations is City Idols partnering with?

City Idols has been fortunate to partner with some very established organisations.